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Macleaya Cordata Extract with specification of Alkaloids, SanguinarMacleaya cordata belongs to the family Papaveraceae, is a poisonous herb native to China and Japan. It is a perennial plant, with deep lobed leaves and dusty clouds oftiny blossom at the tips of erect stems, most often a white color.


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Macleaya Cordata extract info_clovercn.c
  • Latin Name:   Macleaya Cordata Extract

  • Part of Used:  Fruit

  • Appearance:  Orange Red Fine Powder

  • Application:   Animal Feed, Pesticide

  • Specifications:  Alkaloid 10%, 50%, 98% by UV
    Sanguinarine 10%, 15%, 40% 90% by HPLC
    Chelerythrine 10%, 20%, 50%, 90% by HPLC

  • Brand: ACN

  • Origin: China

  • CAS: 112025-60-2
    Formula: C20H14NO4

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Maleaya Cordata Extract Description

Macleaya cordata , it is a kind of perennial herb, it is widely spread in the north of chinese moutains , the macleaya cordata has many active ingredients , such as sanguinarine, chelerythrine, protopine, cryptopine, bocconine, oxychelidonine, sanguirtrine, dehydrocorydaline, coptisine, corysamine, alkali A, alkali B, alkali C and various kinds of isoquinoline derivative alkaloids  and so on .  It is a folk tradition of pesticides. For pesticide can control rice stinkbug, rice bud worms, snails and so on. In recent years, some studies have showed feed attractants for the role of promoting growth, antibiotics and so on . It will be act a main natural antibiotics in the feed area. For it is 100% natural , many european country has used it to instead of chemical antibiotics.

There are 4 natural ingredients extract from macleaya cordata, they are sanguinarine ,chelerythrine, protopine , a-Allocryptopine and p-Allocrytopine. The main active ingredients are sanguinarine and chelerythrine,they are rich in their fruit. We use Supercritical extraction way to extract the sanguinarine out ,they sanguinarine has the stronge function of anti-biotics , and has the advantage of Non-toxic side effects and easy to metabolize. It is already widly used in feed and biopesticides area.

Where to buy macleaya cordata extract ? Where to find macleaya cordata for sale ? What is macleaya cordata genome? What is macleaya cordata rhs ?  What is papaveraceae macleaya cordata? What is federmohn macleaya cordata?  Whats is extrato de macleaya cordata? 

Products Name:Macleaya Cordata Extract
Specification: Alkaloid 10%, 50%, 98% by UV

Active Ingredients :Sanguinarine 10%, 15%, 40% 90% by HPLC
Appearance: Orange Red powder
Formula: C20H14NO4


Active Ingredients :Chelerythrine 10%, 20%, 50%, 90% by HPLC

Appearance: Orange Red powder
CAS: 34316-15-9


Macleaya Cordata Extract Application:

1. Compound Feed Application

Function: With a variety of biological such as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and promote the growth . Suitable for chicken, pig and poultry health breeding. low toxicity, no drug resistance, no retreat. For aquaculture enterprises and human health , Are of great significance.

Dosage: Common SPEC is 1.5% sanguinarine. 30-50g per ton.

Advantage: Control the abuse of antibiotics, reduce feed costs, ensure the safety of meat products and reduce environmental pollution Optimize the use of amino acids in feed, improve feed utilization

2. Pesticide Application


A. Antibacterial effect. Many study showed that Sanguinarine has the resistance to bacillus , bacilli ,Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. Experiments show that with 50ug/ml concentration has 100% inhibition rate to peanut brown spot, tomato early blight, Wheat scab, wheat root rot disease, banana brown edge gray leaf spot .To watermelon anthracnose, banana anthrax, apple rot, apple anthrax has more than 75% inhibition rate.

B. Insecticidal efficacy. results showed that the macleaya cordata alkaloid had good control effect on the cruciferous vegetable cabbage, the bean aphid, the apple aphid and the two leaf mites, and the pear pear. Control of cruciferous Vegetable caterpillar and Bean aphids use a dose of 1% sanguinarine powder per Acre 450-750 grams ,to Vegetable caterpillar and Bean aphids in the young larvae spraying the best effect; Control of apple tree aphids and two leaf mites, pear tree pear louse with 1% sanguinarine watersuble powder with dilution ratio of 1500-2500 times.Generally in the Apple tree aphids,Tetranychus urticae and pear louse in the young larvae spraying the best effect. The efficacy of the drug in general, usually 3 days after the drug control was significantly increased, the validity of about 7 days, the crop safety.

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