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CNS091 Kaempferol 98% HPLC

​Kaempferol, Rhizome Of Kaempferia Galanga Extract, Kaempferol Radices, Natural Plant Extract Kaempferol 10%-98% HPLC

Kaempferol is one of the Bioflavonoids that is present in high levels in cruciferous vegetables, and may mediate some of the bioactivities of these plants. It appears to hold anti-cancer potential.

1. Production Details:

Kaempferol 10% HPLC
Kaempferol 10-98% HPLC
  • Specifications:   

  • Kaempferol 10-98% HPLC

Kaempferol 98% HPLC

2. Package:


  A. < 15KG, used box as outside, plastic bag inside.

  B. > 15KG in drum as outside, plastic bag inside,, normally weight as 25KG/Drum, drum size 0.0625CBM

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Giant Knotweed Extract Resveratrol

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