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  • Amanda Wang

The Mid-Autumn Festival

"中秋节Zhōnɡ qiū jié ", the Mid-Autumn Festival, is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, September 15 this year is the fifteenth day of the eighth month in lunar calendar, namely, the Mid-Autumn Day. It is a traditional Chinese festival when families get together, eat mooncakes and enjoy the moon.

Customs of Mid-Autumn Festival

Tuán yuán

团 圆

Family Reunion

Jì yuè

祭 月

Sacrificing the Moon

Shǎnɡ yuè

赏 月

Enjoying the full moon

Chī yuèbǐnɡ

吃 月 饼

Eating moon cakes

As it says in the poem,

yuè shí gùxiāng míng

月 是 故 乡 明

The moon in your hometown is almost always the brightest and roundest.

How happy it is to enjoy the moon cakes while watching the full moon with family members.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you all!

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