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  • Vanessa He

Do you know that Chinese People drink hot water in summer?

During my travel to USA, I had talking with Mrs Irismar Henrie and her daughter. They are very curious about that why Chinese women looks younger it seems that the time loves us more.

Then I lol and told them, a ha, we drink hot water! Even in summer! Yes, most of us drink hot water whenever we needed.

There is lots benefit to drink hot water, so it might be secret why Chinese people looks younger.

Detoxifies Your Body

It’s no secret that hot water makes you sweat- and that’s a good thing. Sweating helps to rid your body of toxins, leaving you feeling healthier and happier as your body achieves a state of cleanliness and positively.



Clearing your body of toxins is all well and good, but it’s the practical effects of this that really makes it worth it. The aging process is accelerated by toxins, so by drinking hot water regularly, you’ll be able to slow that down and stay looking youthful for longer. What’s more, it can also help repair damaged skin, by boosting its elasticity and getting it back to prime condition.

Boosts Your Circulation

Proper blood circulation is essential for keeping your muscles and nerves working properly, and therefore drinking hot water can bring a big boost to your physical performance. It even breaks down fat around your nerves, to leave you feeling even healthier and more active.

Keeps Your Head and Hair Healthy

Drinking hot water has big benefits for your head. Firstly, by ensuring that your skin stays hydrated, you’ll be able to naturally prevent dandruff without resorting to any specialist, chemical-filled shampoos. It also works on the nerve endings of your hair roots, and ensures they stay healthy and shiny, instead of dull and lifeless. It can even stimulate hair regrowth, meaning for anyone struggling with hair loss, hot water could be just the thing for you.

Helping Menstrual Cramps

As anyone who has ever used a hot water bottle during their period will know, heat can provide excellent relief against cramps. By drinking hot water, you’ll be delivering that heat straight to your abdominal muscles, providing fast, effective relief.

Weight Loss

Drinking hot water gives you metabolism a real jump-start, allowing you to shed those pounds with less effort- ideal for anyone struggling with diets and exercise. For the maximum effect, start your day off with a glass of hot water. Not only that, but it also helps to break down fatty tissue, so you can lose weight even better.

Improves Digestion

Research into digestion has shown that drinking cold water with a meal can actually have a negative effect- it causes the oil in foods to harden, and potentially clog up your digestive tract, and even lead to such serious problems as intestinal cancer. Conversely, hot water not only prevents this, but actually helps boost your digestion naturally, so that your body is working in just the way nature intended. Dehydration also causes problems with digestion and bowel movements, so making sure you get enough to drink can really help with this, too.

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