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Acorus calamus & Artemisia argyi-Do you want to know Fantastic plants about The Duanwu Festival?

Acorus calamus Extract

Calamus has long, narrow leaves associated with the shape of swords.

During Chinese Traditional tale, Calamus has magic powder if you suspend Calamus on the sides of door, it will protect you from any evil things. Based on the scientific knowledge, Calamus has function sedative effects and it is also natural antibacterial plant. When summer comes, the smell will make mosquito far away and make you feel well.

Acorus calamus

The other amazing plant is Artemisia argyi.

Artemisia argyi Powder

Acoording to <Huangdi Neijing-The Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine>, when acupuncture can not be treated, moxibustion is the option. Artemisia argyi is the main plant used for moxibustion, which has function of Anti-Inflammatory, repel midges, stop Bleeding.

The Chinese ancester use tales and books to pass through their life experience to us. There are many other story about Chinese traditional plant, if you want to know more. Contact us via

Will you get a feedback during The Duanwu Festival?

The Duanwu Festival

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