CNS037 Eggshell Membrane Powder

Clover Nutrition offers Eggshell Membrane Powder, which is Chinese traditional medicine "Feng Huang Yi", reducing or treating osteoarthritis, curing eyes floating opacity, or skin care.


1. Production Details:

  • Specifications:  



      White Straight/Milling Powder from

      dry eggshell Membran

2. Function:


  • Reducing or treating osteoarthritis

  • Curing eyes floating opacity.

  • Skin Care

  • Decoction for Letting out Toxic 

  • Relief Pain

3. Application:


  • decoction and drink

  • Milling to powder to plaster or spread

4. Package:


  A. < 15KG, used box as outside, plastic bag inside.

  B. > 15KG in drum as outside, plastic bag inside,, normally weight as 25KG/Drum, drum size 0.0625CBM

5. Promotion Item:


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