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Grape Seed Extract(OPC 95%)

Grape Seed extract, ie GSE, is an Red brown powder to Purple powder which is extracted from Seed of Grape. Natural standardized Procyanidins extract made from selected grape seeds (Vitis Vinifera).


Grape seed extracts are extract from whole grape seeds that have a great concentration of vitamin E, flavonoids, linoleic acid and phenolic procyanidins (also known as OPC or oligomeric procyanidins). 


Grapes and all of their components have been used for many centuries, not only in medicine but also as beauty treatments.

Latin Name:   Vitis vinifera L.


Part of Used:   seed

Specifications:   OPC(Proanthocyanidins)95%


Dark purple fine powder

Application:   Medicine, food additive, dietary supplement

Grape Seed Extract


OPC: 95% UV

Polyphenol: 75-85% UV



Grape seed flavonoids (including OPC) are known for their powferful antioxidant properties. They help protect our body against internal and external agressions which provocate an excess of free radicals.


Many people eat grapes as part of a well-balanced diet. Which is good for the body and have many health benefits. The seed is ground up and the extract is taken out. The grape seed extract is then used for different medical applications.

  • Tread Cardiovascular Conditions, Grape Seed Extract is great for treading Cardiovascular. Improve flow and circulation of the blood, and will help lower cholesterol levels.


  • Improve Blood Circulation, Flavonoids found in grape seed extract are shown to lower bad LDL cholesterol, increasing heart and circulatory system health.


  • Lower Cholesterol Level


  • Overcome Injury Grape seed extract benefits surgery or injury-related swelling.


  • Work Over Diabetes Grape seed extract protects tiny blood vessels, which helps protect vision loss caused by diabetes.


  • Prevent Cancer, Grape Seed Extract is used for anti-cancer.


  • Prevents WrinkleGrape seed extract may strengthen your skin’s collagen, revealing healthier looking skin, help prevent wrinkles and reduce the signs of damage from the sun.  it is wildly used in cosmetic.

Clover Nutrition located at the mountain of Qin Ling, there is a center of Grape with a famous band of “8 of Hu Tai"


Which ensue material souce to select best grape seed to extract OPC(Proanthocyanidins)95%.

Grape Seed Extract

Side effects and safety:


Grape seed extract is generally

considered safe. Side effects may

include headache, itchy scalp,

dizziness, and nausea.


Dosage of Grape seed extract:


Doses of between 100-300 mg/day.

Or follow doctort's advise.



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