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Why Choose A Clover Nutrition as your partner

1. What is certification of A Clover Nutrition?


   A Clover Nutrition can offer GMO Free, Allergen Free, Gluten Free, Irradiation Free, ISO, Country of Origin, Healthy Certification, Business License, Certificate of Taxation Registration, Organization Code Certificate Of the People's Republic of China.


2. What is main product of A Clover Nutrition?

   Tea Products, Herbal Extract, Functional food as main products

3. Does A Clover Nutrition has affiliated company?

   Yes, Xue Zhi Ming Green Tea Co., Ltd

4. How about A Clover Nutrition's Production capability?


   800 Ton/ Year.

   A Clover Nutrition has 2 independent work line, 1 is for green tea, another is for herbal extract.

   Which can sure stable supply, if you change purchase amount suddendly, A Clover Nutrition also can adjust production in      a short time.


5. Does A Clover Nutrition have material base?


   A Clover Nutrition has 2 material base.
   One is Green Tea Material Base, 200,000.00 Squre Meter, which is offer material for green tea and green tea extract.
   Another is Marigold Flower Material Base, 135,000.00 Squre Mater, which is offer material for Lutein and Zeaxanthin.

6. Does A Clover Nutrition offer sample for testing?


   Yes, please contact your sales person for details or

7. Does A Clover Nutrition has after-sale support?


   Amanda Wang, who is Customer Service Manager who can support you any question for after-sale support.

8. What is payment retun policy?


   A: For following issue, you can get full payment return, 
      1) Delivery item does not confirm with purchase item.
      2) Quality does dot meet Certification of Analysis.(Should Apply in 1 month after received goods.)
      3) Packing is broken when you received.(Should take a photo and rejected to get it from frowarder, and noted A Clover                 Nutrition in 3 working days after you founded.)
   B) For other issue, please discuss with Amanda Wang for particular situation.


9. Welcome to add your mail to Clover Nutrition weekly/monthly promotion.

Contact Clover Nutrition

A Clover Nutrition Inc

#43, 6th Hi-Tech Road

Hi-Tech Zone, Xi'an, Shaanxi

China 710000

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South America & North America(Langeage: English) Ada Su


Australia Australian & Asia(Language: Chinese & English)Robert Zhang


Europe(Language: English & Spanish) Allison Wei


Africa African & Indian Ocean (Language: English) Robin Ji

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