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  • Vanessa He

Use pen, protect environment, do not use gel-ink pen

I love pen, cause its writing is very beautiful, I have many pens, some I bought buy myself, some is a gift from friend, also it is my pleasure to give pen as gift when it needed.

Today, I read an article that gel-ink pen is very harmful for environment, and it is too expensive to recovery which compared with its cost.

So, use pen, protect environment, do not use gel-ink pen, have beatuiful writing, beautiful world.

A Clover Nutrition Inc is a manufacturer of tea products, herbal extract, functional food for use in dietary supplements, food, beverage, flavors and cosmetics.

Clover Nutrition can meets customer strict quality and regulatory requirement bases on ISO manufacturing facility and advanced R&D Research Center.

We are committed to manufacturing the highest 100% natural ingredient, from the sourcing of special raw materials which is grew in genuine regional of China, to our manufacturing process and excellent customer service. “Only Genuine regional Chinese medicine raw material can used in prescription or trading” , Clover Nutrition follow this Chinese Medicine Theory strictly, which guarantee quality from material Source.

Advanced manufacturer facility and customer first service value assure satisfactory cooperation with Clover Nutrition.

We are proud to meet our customers' demand for validated quality and better value. A Clover Leads to natural life.

Horny Goat Weed extract, Ie Epimedium Extract, Yin Yang Huo Extract, Which extract from

Leaf, active specification as icariin 5-98% HPLC. Material source is only from Shaanxi &

Gansu, China.

Horny Goat Extract, Icariin, used for men’s healthy, Contact Clover Nutrition for more information on sourcing Icariin for your production.

Icariin 20% HPLC 50KG, 15% off, first come first served. Contact us Skype:clovernutrition

If you need more, mail me. If you need a pen, writing to me, lol

Have a happy weekend.

A Clover Nutrition Inc #43, Hi-Tech Road, Hi-Tech Zone, Xi'an, 710000, China Skype: clovernutrition A Clover leads to natural life.

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