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ACN Tetrahydromagnolol Powder | Magnolia officinalis Extract

Tetrahydromagnolol Powder
Tetrahydromagnolol Powder

TetraHydromagnolol 98% HPLC

Latin Name:

Mangnolia officinalis Synonyms: Houpu, Houpu Magnolia, Magnolia,Magnolol,honokiol Part of Used: bark Specifications: 10:1, Magnolol and honokiol 10%-98% HPLC, TetraHydromagnolol 98% HPLC Appearance: Yellow Brown to Off-white fine powder Application: Medicine, food additive, dietary supplement

Welcome inquiry main products: 1. Astaxanthin 2-5% Powder, astaxanthin 5-10% Oil, 2. Icariin 10-98% HPLC, 98% Icariin 98% price is really really good, 3. Ecdysone 98% HPLC, 4. Kaempferol 98% HPLC, 5. Ajuga Turkestanica Extract 6. Lutein/Zeaxanthin marigold extract 7. Lycopene 5%-20% 8. Grape Seed Extract 9. Fucoidan/Fucoxanthin 10. Green Tea Extract A Clover Nutrition Inc Your One Stop Solution for Natural Ingredients

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