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ACNS060 20-Hydroxyecdysone-A Clover Nutrition Inc

A Clover Nutrition Inc is a raw material supplier in China.

20-HYDROXYECDYSONE is a steroid hormone  is an white powder extract from Cyanotis arachnoidea C. B. Clarke root.

20-HYDROXYECDYSONE is a popular hot ingredients which used in many formula for man or animal. They are also know as Beta-acdysterone, edysterone, crustecdysone.

ACNS00250 Magnolia Bark Extract


Product Name: Magnolia Bark Extract

Specification: Magnolol 98% HPLC

Apperance: White Fine Powder

Shipping Certification: DGM

Avaliable: 158KG in stock

Welcome inquiry main products:

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