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Core Products List

Trade Mark                        Product Name                       Active Ingredients and Content         Application


Clover-HTP™                      5-HTP                                      5-HTP 99%                                             sleep disorders, depression, anxiety



HYDROXYECDYSONE ™    20-HYDROXYECDYSONE     20-HYDROXYECDYSONE                      Pharmaceutical


Clover-Asataxanthi™        Haematococcus pluvialis     2.0%-5.0% HPLC                                   Sports Drinks, Functional Food


Clover-Astragalus™          Astragalus Extract                Polysaccharides 50%UV                      Health Food and Beverage

                                                                                              0.5% flavones    

Clover-Black Cohosh™     Black Cohosh Extract            triterpenes 2.5%                                  Women health ingredient

Clover-Baizhu™                 BAI-ZHU ATRACTYLODES       Straight Powder                                 Pharmaceutical, Health Food
                                                                                                                                                              and Beverage

Clover-Bittermelon™        BitterMelon Extract                Charatin 5%UV,                                   Sports Drinks, Functional Food

                                                                                               Polysaccharides 10 ~30%     

Clover-Chlorella™             Chlorella Algae Powder          Straight Powder, Protein 55%           Health Food

Clover-Q10™                     Coenzyme Q10                         98.0% ~101%                                       Cardiovascular protection/

Clover-forskohlii™            Coleus Forskohlii                      Forskohlii 10-90% HPLC                    Pharmaceutical

Clover-Osthole™               Cnidium monnieri Extract       Osthole 10-98% HPLC                        Pharmaceutical, Health Food

Clover-Dong Quai™         Dong Quai Extract                     4:1, 5:1,10:1,                                       Beverage

                                                                                               0.25% Ligustilide, 1% Ligustilide     Pharmaceutical, Health Food

Clover-Echinacea™           Echinacea Purpurea P.E.          4% Polyphenols                                 Pharmaceutical, Health Food

Clover-Eggshell™              Eggshell Membrane                 Straight Powder                                Joint Problem, Skin Care

Clover-Tongkat™              Eurycoma Longifolia                10:1 TLC 25:1 TLC 50:1 TLC             Sports Drinks, Functional Food


Clover-Fenugreek™         Fenugreek                                   Saponins50% UV                               Sports Drinks, Functional Food


Clover-Ginseng™             Ginseng Extract                          Ginsenosides                                       Heath Food, Nutrition Tonic
                                                                                              4%-80%UV  Pharmaceutical

Clover-Genistein™           Genistein                                     Genistein 10-98% HPLC                     Pharmaceutical, Health Food

Clover-Green Tea™          Green Tea Extract                      Polyphenol 50-80% UV                      Beverage, Drink, Health Food

Clover- Garcinia™             Garcinia Cambogia                   Garcinia2:1TLC

                                                                                                 Garcinia HCA 50%                               Health Food, Lose weight ingredient


Clover-Ginkgo                    Ginkgo Biloba Extract             24%                                                        Circulation to the brain
Clover-Grape™                  Grape Seed Extract                  GSE OPC 95%                                       Sports Drinks, Functional Food

Clover-Resveratrol™        Giant Knotweed Extract          Resveratrol 10-98% HPLC                   Pharmaceutical, Health Food


Clover-Rhodiola™             Rhodiola P.E.                            Salidroside 1%, 2%, 3%
                                                                                               Rosavin 1%, 2%, 3%                              Pharmaceutical, Health Food
                                                                                               Rosavins 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%              Anti-aging,

Clover-Kaempferol™       Kaempferol                               Kaempferol 20-98% HPLC                    Pharmaceutical

Clover-Magnolia™           Magnolia Bark Extract              Honokiol 5-98% HPLC                                                                                                                                                                                               Magnolol 5-98% HPLC                          Cosmetic,Skin Care

Clover-Epimedium™        Epimedium Extract                   Icariin 5-98% HPLC                                Health Food,Sexual Ingredients

Clover-Maca™                   Maca Extract                               Macarnides 0.5%HPLC
                                                                                                4:1 TLC/10:1 TLC/20:1 TLC                    Sports Drinks, Functional Food


Clover-Lutein™                 Marigold Extract                        Lutein  5-40% HPLC/UV                        Sports Drinks,Functional Food

Clover-Muira Puama™    Muira Puama Extract             10:1 TLC 25:1 TLC                                  Women health ingredient

Clover-Silymarin™           Milk thistle extract                  Silymarin 80% UV                                  Pharmaceutical, Health Food

Clover-notoginseng™     Panax notoginseng                 Straight Powder                                   Pharmaceutical, Health Food

Clover-Pomegranate™   Pomegranate Extract               Polyphenol 40% UV                           Pharmaceutical, Health Food

Clover-Eleutherosid™     Siberian Ginseng Extract        Eleutheroside B&E                            Health Food 

                                                                                               0.8%/1.5%/2%HPLC                          Pharmaceutical 

Clover-Fatty acids™        Saw Palmetto                            Fatty acids 45% GC                           Sports Drinks, Functional Food

Clover-Schisandra™       Schisandra Extract                   Schisandrins  
                                                                                               2%/5%/9%/20%/25%HPLC              Pharmaceutical, Health Food

Clover-Tribulus™            Tribulus Terrestris                    Saponins45-95% UV                        Sports Drinks, Functional Food

Clover-Lycopene™          Tomato Extract                         Lycopene 5-40% HPLC                    Pharmaceutical, Health Food

Standardized Extract vs Full Herb Extract

The most important factors in producing a good herbal extract are to use the best quality raw herb and highly skilled extraction technique, and to alter as little possible the quality and ratio of the herb's natural chemical profile. A standardized herbal extract is not superior quality because it's label lists a specific quantity of one (out of hundreds) of the herb's chemical constituents, nor does it have superior healing and health promoting potential because it is "stronger". 


The superior extract is the "balanced" extract that most fully represents the original herb from which it is made, but in a more concentrated and optimally assimilated form.


Full herbal extracts (a.k.a. crude or simple extracts) are extracted in order to assure the finished extract contain the broadest spectrum of an herb's chemical constituents in a similar ratio to the crude herb itself. Full extracts are produced using grain or fruit alcohol, water and/or vegetable glycerin which are biodegradable and environmentally and body friendly.


Standardized extracts arose out of the need to create a uniform product for clinical trials. Broadly speaking, there are two types. One is based on identifying and quantifying an extract to a characteristic chemical marker compound. The second, identifies and concentrates one or more asactive constituents, making it closer to the level of a chemical isolate. This means that other naturally occurring constituents are displaced at the expense of one or a number of compounds.


Standardized extracts are often extracted with acetone, benzene, methyl alcohol, butyl alcohol, carbon tetrachloride, and other synthetic chemicals that, although removed from the finished product (but not always), can be harmful to the environment and the human body.


Standardization generally refers to chemical extraction of the deemed active constituent. Two assumptions come immediately to the fore. Does one ingredient alone reflect the curative power in a given plant medicine? And does this ingredient become more potent in a concentrated extract than in the whole herb itself? Few herbs are actually standardized to a relatively pure isolate. Turmeric standardized to 95% curcumin has been manipulated to up the normal ante of 3-4% of this spice constituent. Other popular standardized herbs include milk thistle with 80% silymarin, gingko with 24% flavoglycosides, saw palmetto with 90% free fatty acids, kava kava with 40% kavalactones, and grape seed with 95% polyphenols. 


Today's herbal extract buyer should purchase their extracts based upon the extract manufacture's professional mastery and integrity and not whether the extract is standardized or not. If we are promoting herbs as a "natural" and "wholesome" form of health care, then the herbal extracts we sell should be natural and whole.

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