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Happy Thanksgiving Day/2016/A Clover Nutrition Inc

On this special day, Clover Nutrition would let our great thanks go to you for your supporting in 2016, it is great spend to sepend valuable time with you, also welcome to cooperation with Clover Nutrition and witness every development of Clover Nutrition with us. There is heavy sonw today, which shows that we shall have a fruitful 2017!

A Clover Nutrition Inc

A Clover Nutrition Inc

A Clover Nutrition Inc is an ISO and Kosher certified manufacturer of tea products, herbal extract, functional food for use in dietary supplements, food, beverage, flavors and cosmetics.

A Clover Leads to natural life.

A Clover Nutrition Inc

There is saying in China, heavy snows shall bring a fruitful next year! This is first snow in Xi'an, 2016.

Opuntia Ficus Indica Extract

Graviola Fruit Extract

Astaxanthin  Haematoccus Pluvialis Powder

Cnidium Monnieri Extract

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