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How much do you know about pandas?

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The giant panda, a global icon that's just been taken off the endangered list, largely due to Chinese conservation efforts

Giant Panda Summary FactsChinese:

'big-bear-cat' (大熊猫 dàxióngmāo /dah-sshyong-maow/)

Class: mammal (mammalia)

Order: carnivore (carnivora)

Family: bear (ursidae)

Genus: cat-foot (Ailuropoda)

Species: black-and-white (melanoleuca)

Size: up to 0.75m tall, 1.5m long (2.5 ft tall, 5 ft long)

Weight: up to 150 kg (330 lb)

Life span: 15 to 20 years in the wild (up to 30 years in captivity)

Reproduction: one cub per two years; mating in spring, born late summer.

Question: How much does a U.S. zoo pay to "rent" a pair of pandas from China?

Answer: $1 million annually

Question: What percentage of a panda's diet is made up of bamboo?

Answer: 99%

A Clover Nutrition Inc

Question: How are pandas born internationally eventually returned to China?

Answer: Fedex

A Clover Nutrition Inc Panda Baby

Question: According to Chinese tradition, panda cubs aren't to be named until when?

Answer: They're 100 days old

Question: How many pandas remain in the wild?

Answer: Fewer than 2,000

Clover Nutrition welcome you come to China to see our cute panda.

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