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  • Amanda Wang

Wechat start picture will be replaced by china's satellite imaging map

Beiqing newspaper reporter learned from the national defense technology industry bureau, china's new generation of geostationary meteorological satellite fengyun four today officially delivered to users to use, for improving china's aerospace, meteorological level and international status is of great significance the after 19 o'clock tonight, the mobile phone wechat opened when the earth image will be from the previous us satellite imaging map replaced by fengyun iv imaging map.

fengyun iv comprehensive technical performance of the international leader, to fill the three international blank.after the successful launch of the end of last year, during the orbit test period, fenghu four satellites in may this year, the northern region of serious dust, heavy rain in northern china in june, the end of june to early july in the southern continuous precipitation and"miao bo""south madu"typhoon and other early warning to provide a strong support; also for the"one way all the way"international cooperation summit, the national games and other major events played a meteorological security present, fy-4 satellite has been included in the global observational meteorological satellite sequence by the world meteorological organization.(beiqing newspaper reporter lei jia)

Before(Left) Now(right)

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